List of literature I suggest to expand thought:


The Economics of Education, 2nd Edition

by Steve Bradley and Colin Green

The book covers a wide range of topics related to economics in education and provides deep insight in the contemporary education systems.


Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making, 14th edition

by David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams, Jeffrey D. Camm, James J Cochran

Introductory textbook that conveys the role of management science in the decision-making process.


Software Requirements, 3rd Edition

by Karl Wiegers and Joy Beatty

Considered a must read on may business analysis reading lists. The authors establish a solid trajectory with proven methods on how to engage with customers for requirements gathering.


Present at the Creation

by Dean Acheson

In typical diplomatic fashion, Dean Acheson remarks on significant historical events post-World War Two as he witnesses them. The accounts are insightful and provide further references for more research.



There is a wide range of magazines that provide good references to the world of management.

Psychology Today: As managers, we continuously try to understand others, and ourselves. That serves to make us better communicators.